Internal Mic Mounts

Stealth Internal Mic Mounts are designed to fit all Kick and Bass Drums, Snares, Toms, and Accessory Drums. Installs directly to the inside of the drum creating a secure fixture won't slip or come loose and can be disassembled within minutes or left attached. Can be mounted in any position and specially designed mounting block provides lateral, vertical and radial position flexibility. Threaded adapter rods fit all standard microphone adapters.
Constructed of Stainless Steel and Ultra-Strength light weight Anodized Aluminum Alloy.
Comes as seen without microphone or mic holders.
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For all Standard Snares, Toms, and Floor Toms. Installs within minutes, light weight and durable, won't slip or come loose.

Designed to fit (All) Kick and Bass Drums providing lateral, vertical and radial position flexibility and can be mounted in any position.

Kick / Bass Drum Mount
Tom and Snare Mounts
Specify Drum Diameter
Specify Drum Diameter

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Lug Mounting
Snares, Toms, & Floor Toms
Kick & Bass Drums
Internal Mic Mount installs directly to the Lug Nuts creating a securely fastened fixture...
Internal Mic Mounts
Internal Lug Mounts